Available Services

A.C.S. not only provides affordable grant services but also delivers cost savings to our clients through the additional administrative services we can provide through outsourcing with our company.

  • Accreditation – apply, prepare and oversee the process
  • Pension Management – financial advisory, management and strategies
  • Media Relations – prepare news release, stage, announce and oversee news conferences
  • Policy/Procedure Overview – revise, update, create and maintain
  • Ordinance Overview – create, revise, update and maintain
  • School Safety – vulnerability assessments, security audits, lockdown training, and strategic plan development
  • NIMS Training – for staff 100, 200, 700 and 800
  • Testing Process – Oversee and coordinate the orientation, written and physical agility test for entry-level officers
  • Emergency Operations Planning – Develop an emergency/disaster plan for your city/village (includes; vulnerability assessments, manual development, table top exercises, certification and county registration)
  • Salary Survey & Pay Rate Comparison – Determine a grouping of comparable communities that are used to compare the salary and positions of client vs. comparable agencies.