Administrators are now forced to cut budgets by any and all-necessary measures. With limited state, federal and private funding available, it is difficult to designate an employee(s) to locate, research, prepare and (if awarded) maintain the monthly, quarterly and annual budget requirements for your grant. Administrative Consulting Specialists will provide these and many other services for your organization. A.C.S provides full-time grant services for your agency at less than part-time costs.


contractBy contracting with Administrative Consulting Specialists, you will only pay for relevant, appropriate services that are most likely to result in relevant, sustainable grant awards for your organization. Our ability to locate and develop alternative funding solutions for you will ultimately determine our company's success.
We do hope that you can become more familiar and take advantage of the services we offer. Hopefully, you have been able to evaluate the cost savings that "outsourcing" your grant and other administrative services can provide to your agency. In this time of economic unrest, with budgets shrinking and administrators demanding more for less, Administrative Consulting Specialists invites you to take a look and see the multiple ways we can assist your agency.

We look forward to discussing our services in greater length with you. Please contact our office to set up a free consultation or to go over any other questions you may have.


Additional Benefits to Outsourcing with A.C.S. : Enabling your organization, whether large or small, to make the best impression on funding entities as its capacity is presented in the most professional way possible.

ACS positves

  • Relieving work overload on your staff.
  • Eliminating last minute deadlines and piecemealed grant proposals.
  • Enabling administrative staff to concentrate on leadership issues - not on the time consuming, tedious writing of a grant proposal or progress reports.
  • Reducing the cost of a salaried writer but gaining the same level of professional support and service through one time grant proposal development and retainer-based service activities.